The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau has been working on various initiatives, including Visit Gay Osaka, to make Osaka an LGBTQ-friendly city.
Through the OPEN ARMS PROJECT, we will work with local businesses and LGBTQ tourism professionals to develop new experiences that are unique to Osaka, and share these programs with the world. We aim to create a city embodying sustainability, diversity, and vitality.

All of the tourism-related operators participating in this project implement the following programs of LGBTQ tourism professionals.

  • - Running training workshops to increase understanding of LGBTQ issues
  • - Individual visits to each operator to consult regarding facilities and services
  • - Providing advice for internal training, orientation, etc. to deepen understanding at each operator
  • - Providing support and advice regarding products for sale

In addition to running these programs for tourism operators, Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau issues its own certification for LGBTQ-friendly facilities. Together, we hope to share a strong message of Osaka as a diverse and vibrant city.

Workshop initiatives


Osaka is a unique city where encounters with delicious gourmet food and entertainment are exciting and thrilling. We've gathered together a collection of tourist attractions that are full of charm, from standard tourist spots that remind you of the good old days to new spots that give you a fresh breeze.


Businesses participating in this project